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Heat zone

Division of earth zone according to their temperature
Neha chauhan on 2018-07-06

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Soil is said to be sandy if the proportion of sand particles in a sample of the soil is very high.
David Timothy on 2018-07-03

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my mxit name combining both my names sanele and ngcebo
sanel on 2018-06-30

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Lift and Shift

“Lift and Shift” is a cloud migration strategy whereby an organization essentially lifts up their existing architecture and re-hosts it in a cloud environment, without optimizing the application for a cloud environment features. This is the opposite of re-architecting an application to live natively in the cloud.

Source: https://www.mojotech.com/blog/a-guide-to-cloud-native-jargon/
 mojotech on 2018-06-29

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party discipline

It refers to a system of rules of conduct that customarily governs behavour of all members belonging to a party and are expected to abide by it.
Chirwa Edmond on 2018-06-29

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Home institution

a place where you dont leave home for an education
nikita cox on 2018-06-20

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The meaning may be : Reason To Live, of which I have heard frequently.
Mia on 2018-06-19

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Father Of All Gandus..like if there is a Gandu, UDGANDU is the ganduest of all....you know what i mean right?
anonymous on 2018-06-18

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Mbeya means agrain of salt or arock of salt being spoken by acertain native tribe in Tanzania.The salt sellers or salt makers were nicknamed Mbeyes.These people were surnamed differently according mother tongues wherever they had to migrate.For example Simbeyes,Mwambeyes,Mbewes,Mbeyas,Mbeyes and Mbeyos.The females are respectedly named Nyambeyes.All the above surnames have a common infix,surfix and syllable ie' Mbe'.These people orinated from a certain mountain known as Mount Mbeya which means a mountain of Salt.
Noah Mbewe on 2018-06-14

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a house, a place to work, where group of people work together, abode,
harit on 2018-06-14

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A novel source of animal protein which reduces the risk of allergen development whilst still providing high sustainable energy. Great source of dietary fats which build muscle whilst supporting a healthy skin and coat.
 Matwalker on 2018-06-14

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Conversion allowance

Compensation made by employer to employee for swapping his job
Aku gustave on 2018-06-10

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Commercial Harvesting

commercial harvesting is a cash of animals,fruits,vegetables and livestock .it includes that all harvesting of fruits and vegetables harvested by other techniques.
Rajeshwar mandal on 2018-06-07

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A building that stands alone not part of a group with no adjacent structure that defines the business within. It becomes a landmark and advertise the business it contains by extension. Thus the expression of signature
Tusk, W. on 2018-06-05

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It means you've just wasted your time looking for a definition. Plus typing all those letters up. Y
 nunya on 2018-06-05

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Heavenly Richies From God Or Born To Be Rich Heavenly
Ojah Caleb on 2018-06-04

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Bunbu ichi

The Pen and Sword in accord - The Samurai debate regarding letters and learning versus the Martial Arts.
Peter on 2018-05-31

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Are you okay?
Hi there on 2018-05-30

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Bow lift

When the user lifts thy bow and returns it to were it began on thy instrument.
anonymous on 2018-05-24

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Tijarah means trading.buying and selling one person to another
Syed on 2018-05-23

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Pre-accident Condition

Had a knee injury at work when the driver unload goods from the lorry, he push the cage of goods stenght from the lorry into wards me.
anonymous on 2018-05-22

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
 TMX Louis Lave on 2018-05-22   NSFW

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We use it as having a great day! Fun and joyful
Judi on 2018-05-19

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Anchor Clanker

person who is finicky or nit-picking or talking naimlessly
f*ck on 2018-05-18

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To laugh at a retard, or to laugh at someone who is retarded instead of actually laughing
anonymous on 2018-05-17

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BFFAW can also mean Best Friends Forever At Work, or Best Friends Forever AnyWhere.
anonymous on 2018-05-16

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The sound made when touching someone’s nose. “Mwerp”.
Sam on 2018-05-14

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The subdomain is a basically a domain. By its name, that is clear that this is a subpart of the domain. Mainly the types of domain names are, http://www.example.com or http://example.com we call it domain or simply call it main domain. But when adding other versions of your website like forum.example.com, en.example.com, ask.example.com these domains are called subdomain.

Source: techshoutus.com
 Ladalesahib on 2018-05-09

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TNDC ( Tuesday Nite Drinking Club ) started in the 70's in northern kentucky by jeff stabb, hank wise and tim barbara.
tim B on 2018-05-08

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Have been given,aimed for,intended for,designed,provided for,found in regard to, egalitarian,meant for,addressed,called for,assigned,
optatus on 2018-05-07

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general encyclopedia

General encyclopedia is an encyclopedia that generalize of information on one book, example encyclopedia of health, encylopedia of human resource
 thapelo on 2018-04-24

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epic ride

Such an adventures and lovely experience that gives pleasure after happening ..
 Vishwanath  on 2018-04-22

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cr for cylinder.
20 for 20mm
3 for 3volt
2 for 2mm
sulthan on 2018-04-15

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Whole-Bean Coffee

Full coffee beans (not ground). When grind coffee beans they loose their aroma, freshness and almost all good qulitty.

 coffeesupremacy on 2018-04-15

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The meaning of fxck derives from cringey social media accounts, where kids/teens try to be cool and make it somewhat trending
anonymous on 2018-04-10

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You thought you found a unique pattern but then urban dictionary showed up and you realized your not unique and everything you thought of somebody in history thought it first. even the concept of how everybody thought of everything first is not new and nothing you think is not original.
 Angel Cuevas on 2018-04-09

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A set of rules or structures that determine the different actions or assignments of meaning in a specified context. Example: role of "court" in tennis and baseball in determining whether to stop or continue activity in a game or to gain or lose points if a ball passes a boundary.
Leroy Walker on 2018-04-05

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place utility

A type of of utility created for a particular good by the virtue of its location
samuel on 2018-03-25

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Minimum Room Stay

The minimum requirement of a hotel or lodging reservation as expressed in number of nights.
 Bestrex on 2018-03-22

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Immediate consumption; IC

when you consume a product immediately and you dont have to wait for the product to be further processed for consumption
anonymous on 2018-03-22

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