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i t i s a w o r d o f t e n u s e d i n y o u r w r i t i t i n g t hat means to make more P H A R A G R A P H S
Isabella (15 November 2018)

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refers to the conscious articulation of body awareness.

shape, size, skill
 Sikumbuso Ndlovu (15 November 2018)

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A person who makes or possess the housing for arrow
Abdullahi Alapo (12 November 2018)

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A word derived from the Japanese language, meaning “spherical ball.” It is written as 天球 - tenkyū
 gwen reyes (12 November 2018)

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fff = fun fricky friday
Pyternation (9 November 2018)

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an irish tv station for irish speakers, pronounced tg ceathair.
anonymous (3 November 2018)

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A bowl used by Sussex Milk Maids for collecting milk. When they were resting they sometimes used the bittle as a makeshift bat and their stool as a wicket. The game became known as bittle-battle, later evolving into the still played game of Stoolball (Source: History & Antiquities of Horsham, Dorothea Hurst (1889))
Gregory Sussex (1 November 2018)

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A type of cancer found in the liver that metastasizes to other parts of the body
anonymous (31 October 2018)

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Preferential Entry

A pathway for selection of candidates is based on merit, previous qualification, and experience to carry out a particular function.
 Brad Maxwell (31 October 2018)

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i think it means an edge

-miss nobody knows
anonymous (30 October 2018)

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Wet neck

A degrading expression for foreign farmworkers in USA.
 John Hamilton (30 October 2018)

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It means Ford fan boys win races against Dodge demon on you tube but not on the drag strip in their factory stock Ford mustang against factory stock Dodge demon.that is the meaning of flabbergas
Dan bouchard (30 October 2018)

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A word used solely to define the very edges of keyboard boredom. This word is not to be taken lightly. One can find this by typing keys from left to right on a standard QWERTY keyboard, alternating from top, to bottom, to middle.
Hello (30 October 2018)

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Gauge Manifold

a device constructed to hold compound and high pressure gauge containning hand valve to control flow
roberto (30 October 2018)

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Some one who is gorgeous and able to listen.
Some one who is beautiful, pretty and humble.
Emmanuel (29 October 2018)

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Urban concentration

The proportion and a country's population living in a metropolitan or highly developed area, usually pertaining to a city.
Anonymous (29 October 2018)

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Strong ties

to bind, fasten, join, connect, or attach something strongly to something else, drawn together and knotted not loose or insecure
anonymous (28 October 2018)

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C-Concurring +
E.P.A.C Clan (28 October 2018)

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To do less talking and more action when need to be done
Macahdavis (28 October 2018)

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In awh of how freaking cute a person is; in shock of how gorgeous or handsome one human can possibly be; in absolute shock of how freaking much you want to be with the person
Boop (27 October 2018)

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Urban concentration

The amount of people living in urban areas/ large cities
Ya mum (25 October 2018)

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Duplex Paper

Two layer paper made from similar or different furnishes that attached together in a special process.Each side may have it,s color and glass state.
T.Ramezanifar (24 October 2018)

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yes when ever you think about something worrying you and you feel like God is not by your side but yes he is by your side
Amadu L Jalloh (22 October 2018)

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Ensemble Display

Interior display whereby a complete product bundle is presented rather than showing merchandize in separate category.
 Gayathri (20 October 2018)

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stop it. get some help. OKay so hi. please. stop. thank you. gracias. wait i don't speak spanish. me no habla español.
jeff (19 October 2018)

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Core Team

The individuals who perform above and beyond their usual required tasks in order to accomplish the expected objective.
Veronica Castille (19 October 2018)

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You are so bored that you search all the keys alternating right to left
and then top to bottom. What are you doing with your life.
anonymous (18 October 2018)

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You have a computer and bored in school while the teacher isn't looking, or maybe they are; so you decide to write qpwoeirutyalskdjfhgzmxncbv thinking no one could have been as genius as you. You are wrong, this has been found many times.
anonymous (18 October 2018)

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Hard Structure in animal’s body.
anonymous (17 October 2018)

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Rural depopulation

rural depopulation - rural area become depopulated and resulting a decline of functions and services
anonymous (17 October 2018)

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ColVisTec develops, adapts, and applies unique technology & software solutions based on in-line UV-Vis spectrophotometry to the paint, pharmaceutical, plastics, and chemical industries.
Arthur (16 October 2018)

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The clever maneuvering past an opponent to reach a goal.
Expanded from the sports reference.
 darryl weaver (15 October 2018)

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Local integration

A gradual process of including refugees in the national systems of host countries. It is multidimensional with socio-cultural, economic and legal aspects. It varies from non-discriminatory access to basic and social services like health and education to economic opportunities upto the strongest forms of it, in acceptance for nationality.
 okoth stephen (15 October 2018)

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This dictionary is completely based on opinion making it inaccurate
anonymous (6 October 2018)

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some nibba with a big ass forehead, yo headass boy get yo raggedy headass outta herree
anonymous (5 October 2018)

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Apelhido carihnoso

¨Apelhido¨ is a Portuguese word that means nickname, it is the way to call to someone according to a particular characteristic of itself, and it can be in a sweet way or a derogatory way, for example: fatty, silly. It is the way to call a person in order to replace its own name, can be in a funny or sweet way like babe, baby, sweaty, peanut or sweetheart. A nickname is used between couples to show their feelings. They are quite used in diminutive.

¨Carihnoso¨ is a Portuguese word, it's an adjective that means affectionate, this term refers to a person who feels affection for someone or something. It is related with someone who shows affection, love and tenderness. It is a person who acts with affection, with attention with appreciation and love. It is the way someone act showing affection whether with physical contact or not

¨Apelhido carihnoso¨ means sweet or affectionate nickname, it is often a sweet way to call the people you love or you care about.

¨Apelhido carihnoso is also the name of a popular song from a Brazilian singer, Gusttavo Lima. Basically this song is about a man who has recently ended a relationship, so he decides to move on and continue his life and then he starts to date another woman. The problem with this woman is that she starts to call him with affectionate or sweet nicknames like baby or my boy. So he can’t stand that she called him that way. She can’t use those sweet nicknames because it was the same nicknames his ex-girlfriend used to call him, for him is too hard to hear those nicknames because makes him remind her ex.
However he has to overcome the suffering from his past relationship but he is aware that it will take time, she has to understand it if she really wants to be with him. Consequently she has to accept the situation and he ask her please do not call him ¨baby¨ or ¨my boy¨ anymore; otherwise he is going to finish that uncomfortable situation, a situation that drives him crazy.
The argument that he has about the affectionate nicknames is that one of the most difficult things to forget when you broke up with someone is the way the person used to call you, the sweet nicknames. So is better not to remember it in order to overcome his recently past relationship.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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¨Fuleragem¨ is a Portuguese word that has many meanings. It is a very colloquial word used in Brazil. It means something that is not good, something that is not pleasant. ¨Fuleragem¨ means to discompose someone, to annoy or bother someone. It also refers to act with bad intentions, something bad that you do to someone. It refers to betray a person in a very bad way, a person who does not keep his promises. This word means something that has a terrible quality or something useless
It means to make someone run out of patience. ¨Fuleragem¨ refers to someone without shame, a ridiculous person. This word means a precarious or low-level bad thing. It means an action or fun attitude uncompromising but friendly.
This word is used to refer to someone who is not responsible, a person who is not serious or committed.
In the north of Brazil ¨ Fuleragem ¨ is a way to call somebody who cheats or a person who has many relationships at the same time.

¨Fuleragem¨ is the name of a popular song by MC WM a Brazilian singer of Funk.
This song is basically about a girl, a naughty girl who dances, he asks to her to move some way, to move her hips in the way he asks, going down, going up
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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Amor de verdade

¨Amor¨ is a Portuguese word that in English means ¨Love¨. It is an intense feeling that a human can feel, it is related with the need to seek an union with another person. This word means the feeling for other person, this person is a complement that makes you happy and gives energy. It is a word used to describe a feeling of affection to someone or something.
It refers to act with tenderness and softness. It means a beloved person or something that is beloved. It is a common expression related to the dedication with we do something that we enjoy or like: she cooks with love.
In Latin- America ¨Amor¨ is a common way, a sweet way to call your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone you love, it is a sweet nickname.

¨De¨ it is a preposition with multiple uses. It can be used to denote ownership. It is the name of the letter ¨d¨. In Spanish ¨De¨ denotes where it is or where it comes from, or whose it is a thing
This word denotes the material that something is made of.

¨Verdade¨ is a Portuguese word that in English means ¨true¨ or something that is real, authentic or something sincere. It is a word used for saying that something is true or right.

The Portuguese sentence ¨Amor de verdade¨ translated to English means ¨True Love¨ a sincere and strong feeling of love for someone; it is an honest feeling for somebody else.
¨Amor de verdade¨ is a popular song from two Brazilian artists MC Kekel and MC Rita. This is a romantic song about the real love or true love a person can feel for someone. This song talks about the true love the singer feels for a woman, he can’t explain it but he knows that his feelings are true. There are thousand women in the world but no one like her. He wants to see her and tell her the way he feels. He wants to make her know that his love is for real and that she was the one who helped him to grow. Furthermore he says in the song that he is able to change anything in order to be with her. He does not want her to forget him and that's why he made the song. The thought of losing her some day makes him feel very bad. His life is her, she is his home and she is his true love.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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Gummo is an American cult movie, filmed in 1997, written and produced by Harmony Korine, an American film director and screenwriter, starring Jacob Reynolds, Nick Sutton, Jacob Sewell and Chloë Sevigny .This movie is about the life or some people from a small and poor Midwestern town from Ohio, Unites Estates. This town has suffer in the past the consequences of a tornado, and continues submerged in misery due to this event.
This movie is about the way some young people scape from boredom of a deserted landscape in a destructive, crazy and strange way. These young kids spend their time hunting and killing cats in violent ways in order to sell them to a local restaurant, they steal in stores and they snort glue. Among those characters, there is a kid who always wears rabbit ears.

Gummo is also a song released on November 10 by 6ix9ine, an American rapper who used the name from the movie with the same name. This song went viral.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Jenny (5 October 2018)   NSFW

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