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port of call

a city or town on a waterway with facilities for loading and unloading cargo where a ship is scheduled to dock, not including the ports of embarkation and disembarkation.
GeneraliTravel - 20 March 2018


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air flight accident

an accident that occurs while a passenger in or on, boarding or alighting from an aircraft of a regularly scheduled airline or an air charter company that is licensed to carry passengers for hire.
GeneraliTravel - 20 March 2018


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a sudden, unexpected, unintended and external event, which causes Injury
GeneraliTravel - 20 March 2018


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terrorist act

means an act of violence, other than civil disorder or riot, (that is not an act of war, declared or undeclared) that results in loss of life or major damage to property, by any person acting on behalf of or in connection with any organization which is generally recognized as having the intent to overthrow or influence the control of any government
GeneraliTravel - 20 March 2018


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a dwelling is not suitable for human occupancy in accordance with local public safety guidelines.
GeneraliTravel - 20 March 2018


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luggage, personal possessions and travel documents taken by you on your trip.
GeneraliTravel - 20 March 2018