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The word means as much as "Yes", or it can be used in any context without any meaning. Often used after a certain action has been done. Not really used in writing.

"* finished watching something * yeet"
"* goes to bed * yeet"
"* gets out of the shower * yeet"
"* takes a bite of his sandwich *.. YEET!"

It's often use to show excitement.
"This sandwhich is... yeet!"
"*Listen to sound of own fart*, yeet!"
"Sees someone accomplish something on tv.. Yeet"

Also used as a verb to throw something.
"Those batteries are empty, yeet them in the trash"
"I'm gonna yeet this bottle mate"
"Did you yeet the trash?"
"I yit it last night"
Pim - 4 April 2019


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sandwich slide

When you bite into a delicious sandwich and all the insides fall out of the other end. A.k.a. the Sandwich Rage.
Pim - 6 April 2019