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exotic river

A river that is able to maintain its flow through a desert because of water received from outside the desert.
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stratified drift

Debris washed from a glacier and laid down in well-defined layers.
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bedding plane

Surface separating layers of sedimentary rocks and deposits. Each bedding plane marks termination of one deposit and beginning of another of different character, such as a surface separating a sandstone bed from an overlying mudstone bed. Rock tends to breaks or separate, readily along bedding planes.
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seismic gap

A segment of an active fault zone that has not experienced a major earthquake during a time period when most other segments of the zone have. Generally regarded as having a higher potential for future earthquakes.
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tidal delta

A delta formed at both sides of a tidal inlet.
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A sedimentary rock formed by the cementation of sand-sized grains of feldspar and quartz.
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A rock composed of aluminum hydroxides and impurities in the form of silica, clay, silt, and iron hydroxides. A residual weathering product, exploited as the primary ore for aluminum.
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cone of depression

A downward distortion or dimple in the water table that forms as a well pumps water faster than it can flow through the aquifer.
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The process of developing more than one rock type, in situ, from a common magma.
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frost wedging

A type of disintegration in which jointed rock is forced apart by the expansion of water as it freezes in fractures.
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