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core strategy

A Development Plan Document setting out the spatial vision and strategic objectives of the planning framework for an area, having regard to the Community Strategy (see also DPDs).
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local enterprise partnership

A body, designated by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, established for the purpose of creating or improving the conditions for economic growth in an area.
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A description (or visual representation on a map) of the shape of the land, for example, contours or changes in the height of land above sea level.
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distributor road

Roads that distribute traffic and bus services within the main residential, commercial and industrial built-up areas.
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shadow flicker

The on-and-off flickering effect of a shadow caused when the sun passes behind the rotor of a wind turbine.
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natural surveillance

The discouragement to wrongdoing by the presence of passers-by or the ability of people to be seen out of surrounding windows. Also known as passive surveillance (or supervision). See also Planning Out Crime.
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structure plan

An old-style development plan, which sets out strategic planning policies and forms the basis for detailed policies in local plans. These plans will continue to operate for a time after the commencement of the new development plan system, due to transitional provisions under planning reform.
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travel generators

Areas of land use (or developments) that generate travel demands including places of work, schools and colleges, shops and retail parks, hospitals and leisure facilities.
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The ability of people to move around an area and reach places and facilities, including elderly and disabled people, those with young children and those encumbered with luggage or shopping.
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adopted proposals map

A component of a Local Development Framework and an important part of the development plan, or DPD itself, showing the location of proposals in all current Development Plan Documents, on an Ordnance Survey base map.
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