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An airplane having two wings on each side of the fuselage, one usually slightly forward and above the other. 
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station model

A symbolic illustration used on a surface analysis chart that represents and reflects the weather occurring at a given weather reporting point.
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Space in the air above the surface of the earth or a particular portion of such space, usually defined by the boundaries of an area on the surface projected upward.
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The gaseous or air portion of the physical environment that encircles a planet. In the case of the earth, it is held more or less near the surface by the earth's gravitational attraction. The divisions of the atmosphere include the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the ionosphere, and the exosphere. 
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crosswind leg

A flight path at right angles to the runway off its takeoff end. 
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flight log

A flight planning document in which a pilot calculates factors such as speed, course, altitude, and fuel consumption for an upcoming flight.
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lateral axis

The axis extending through the center of gravity of an aircraft, and parallel to a line connecting the tips of the wings. The lateral axis is sometimes called the "y" axis. Pitch is a motion around the lateral axis
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A line drawn on a chart indicating an aircraft's flight path and that the aircraft's position is located somewhere along that line. This line is determined by comparing 2 navigational signals from different positions.
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Designator for the letter "O" in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
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A control surface on the trailing edge of the vertical part of the tail that is used to make the aircraft yaw. The rudder is controlled by rudder pedals. Pushing the left rudder pedal will tilt the rudder to the left. This will cause the nose of the aircraft to turn to the left.
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